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    Does land titling matter? The role of land property rights in Colombia’s war on drugs

    Institute of Development Studies UK, 2018
    The ‘war on drugs’ has failed. Despite an increase in law enforcement, production levels of coca – the crop used to make cocaine – have hardly altered in the last decade.
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    Land and conflict in Sierra Leone: a rapid desk-based study

    Evidence on Demand, 2013
    This paper is a desk-based study of land rights and conflict in Sierra Leone.  It reviews post-2002 academic and grey literature. It addresses land ownership and rights within Sierra Leone, as well as exploring the concept of land ownership as a source or driver of conflict. It also reviews literature on the current land tenure system, and government stated policies.
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    Rwanda land tenure regularisation case study

    Evidence on Demand, 2014
    Land has historically been a source of dispute and conflict in Rwanda, compounded by the social unrest which resulted in the 1994 genocide. Up to one million people were killed and three million fled to neighbouring countries, leading to weakened political institutions, infrastructure and human capital. Traditional land allocation systems also suffered.