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    The BRICS in an age of multipolarity: sustaining strategic partnerships under difficult economic conditions

    Institute for Global Dialogue, South Africa, 2017
    Culminating in the formation of the New Development Bank (NDB), which was inaugurated at the Ufa Summit in 2015, the influence of the BRICS countries has now clearly gone beyond the economic arena, with the grouping evolving into a vital multilateral cooperation mechanism including Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America,with the potential to bring new vitality and momentum for global growth.
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    Shifting power reader: critical perspectives on emerging economies

    Transnational Institute, 2014
    Does the emergence of a multipolar global order open up policy space for alternative economic visions and pose a necessary challenge to a US and Northern-dominated global order? Or might it instead reinvigorate capitalism and exploitation by a new constellation of corporate elites?
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    Will the BRICS provide the global public goods the world needs?

    Overseas Development Institute, 2014
    The demand for global economic governance is increasing in a globalising and increasingly interlinked economy. Yet global governance, a global public good, is currently undersupplied – and this (e.g. lack of global rules on trade, finance and emissions) is harming development.