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    Changing farm structure and agricultural commercialisation in Nigeria

    Future Agricultures Consortium, 2019
    Evidence is mounting that the rise of medium-scale investor farms and associated changes in the distribution of farm sizes are occurring in many African countries. These changes in the distribution of farm sizes are creating important and wide-ranging impacts at all stages of agricultural value chains.
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    Tracking results in agriculture and rural development in less-than-ideal conditions

    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2009
    While donors and development practitioners still lack a common framework of results indicators to measure the effectiveness of development assistance, this sourcebook sets out a menu of core indicators that can be used to monitor agriculture and rural development (ARD) at the project, national regional and global levels.
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    Globalisation and the developing countries: emerging strategies for rural development and poverty alleviation

    International Service for National Agricultural Research, 2002
    This on-line book reviews the impact of globalisation on a range of issues, including the effects of changing global rules and regulations on the economies of developing countries in general, and their agricultural sectors in particular. The book divides into four main sections, and includes chapters by various authors.Part I: globalisation from the perspective of the South.
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    ICTs: transforming agricultural extension?

    Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation, 2003
    This document reports on a workshop held by CTA on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for ACP agricultural and rural development.
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    Livelihood transformation in semi-arid Africa 1960-2000: proceedings of a workshop

    Drylands Research, 2003
    This paper reports on a workshop held to present results of research on livelihood transformations in four African countries (Kenya, Senegal, Niger and Nigeria) looking at long-term change and farmer investments in natural resource-based livelihoods, which focussed on district-level studies (Makueni District in Kenya, Diourbel Region in Senegal, Maradi Department in Niger and the Kano region (mai
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    Re-examining the 'more people less erosion' hypothesis: special case of wider trend?

    Natural Resource Perspectives, ODI, 2000
    Recent research into natural resource rehabilitation based on in-depth case studies has highlighted situations where population growth and agricultural intensification have been accompanied by improved rather than deteriorating soil and water resources.
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    Biotechnology in African Agricultural Research: Opportunities for Donor Organizations

    International Service for National Agricultural Research, 2000
    Based on survey in 9 countries Looks at the development of agricultural biotechnology in Africa, and this constrains donor agencies in strategically directing their funding. This survey is based on assessment studies in 9 countries of regions and crops that may be considered for increased support.