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    Women in politics: gaining ground for progressive outcomes in Pakistan

    Institute of Development Studies UK, 2018
    This paper is an analysis of findings from a study of women’s political voice in Pakistan under the A4EA Research Programme. It is based on mixed methods, drawing together archival and secondary sources, qualitative interviews with activists, politicians and key informants, and the findings of an online survey with women parliamentarians.
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    Challenges to women active participation in politics in Nigeria

    The poor participation of women in politics and governance has been a major concern at the global level. In Nigeria, the number of women participating in politics is not proportionate to the 50% of the nation’s population which they represent, and has not translated into equal representation in political leadership positions.
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    Third Regional Conference on African Women in Political Leadership

    Since 2009, FEMNET has convened an annual Regional Conference for African Women in Political Leadership to enhance networking and the quality of women’s leadership.
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    Women’s rights and political representation: past achievements and future challenges

    International Peace Research Institute, Oslo, 2014
    This paper summarises the main achievements and challenges for Afghan women’s participation in politics and their access to justice. It also presents the most important reflections amongst key stakeholders about possible ways forward, with the aim of facilitating further discussions in these areas.
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    Using national action plans on women, peace and security to get your government moving

    This guide explains the use of National Action Plans (NAPs) to urge governments across the world to implement the UN Security Council resolution on women peace and security (S/RES/1325). This resolution identifies sexual violence in armed conflicts as a war tactic, and presses for the strengthening of monitoring and reporting mechanisms.
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    Progress of the World's Women: In Pursuit of Justice

    UN Women, 2011
    What are the legal frameworks in place to ensure women’s rights and access to justice? How do these laws translate into equality in practice? What interventions are needed to make justice a reality rather than an aspiration for women? These are some of the questions considered in this first major UN Women report.