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    ESRC-DFID Research for Policy and Practice: Water security

    Impact Initiative, 2019
    Access to clean water is essential for life but all too often in water management, short-term gains for the few are prioritised above long-term benefits for the many. This selection of ESRC-DFID funded research explores the realities facing people for whom water insecurity is a daily threat, drawing on research focusing on Burkina Faso and Ethiopia.
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    Explaining a ‘development miracle’: poverty reduction and human development in Malaysia since the 1970s

    Global Development Institute, University of Manchester, 2019
    This paper provides a systematic assessment of the alleged exceptionality of Malaysia’s development progress and its likely explanations, in a comparative perspective. Using cross-country regressions and aggregate indices of education, health, poverty and gender equality outcomes, we offer three findings.
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    Poverty reduction during 1990-2013: Did Millennium Development Goals adoption and state capacity matter?

    Science Direct, 2018
    While poverty reduction remains central in the Post-2015 Agenda, its determinants remain debated in the literature, especially the role of structural conditions related to governance. This paper provides an assessment of two key dimensions: the global adoption of MDGs and state capacity.
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    Engaging communities in rebuilding post-typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines

    Impact Initiative, 2018
    Communities are slowly being rebuilt after Super Typhoon Yolanda (also known as Typhoon Haiyan) struck the Visayas Islands in the Philippines in November 2013. The vulnerable, most affected communities face ongoing challenges to re-establish livelihoods, safe housing, access to water and electricity, and to rebuild roads and drainage.
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    Shock-responsive social protection systems research: synthesis report

    Oxford Policy Management, 2018
    This synthesis report consolidates the evidence and lessons learned from the Shock Responsive Social Protection Systems Research Programme. It draws on all the case studies and other outputs, including the literature review as well as policy briefs on systems development and monitoring and evaluation.
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    Power, poverty and inequality

    Institute of Development Studies UK, 2016
    Ten years on from the landmark 2006 edition of the IDS Bulletin that brought us the ‘powercube’ – a practical approach to power analysis that offered a way of confronting its complexity – we return to the question of how to analyse and act on power in development.
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    Sexuality and poverty synthesis report

    Institute of Development Studies UK, 2014
    This report synthesises learning from these audits and is part of a larger project that focuses on understanding the links between sexuality, gender plurality and poverty with the aim of improving socioeconomic policy and programming to support people marginalised because of their sexuality.
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    Poverty, voice and advocacy: a Haitian study

    Institute of Development Studies UK, 2017
    Over the past ten years, Fonkoze (a non-profit organisation in Haiti) has adapted the 'graduation' model of lifting families out of extreme poverty through its Chemen Lavi Miyò (CLM) or 'pathway to a better life' programme. Yet despite international recognition for this approach, Fonkoze’s work is little known within Haitian policy circles on social protection and poverty.
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    No silver bullet: an assessment of the effects of financial counselling on decision-making behaviour of housing beneficiaries in Jaffna and Kilinochchi

    Centre for Poverty Analysis, Sri Lanka, 2015
    Owner-driven housing construction programme in the North is an initiative by the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC) which provides funds in the form of a staggered grant-scheme, to selected returnee families for the reconstruction of their destroyed houses.
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    South Sudan: A political economy analysis

    Norwegian Institute for International Affairs, 2017
    This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current state of South Sudan.